This Month with Lamont Financial Group


  • Monday, October 12th: Our office will be closed in observance of Columbus Day
  • Wednesday, November 11th: Our office will be closed in observance of Veteran's Day



Kris... Calvin and Dillon are both glad to be back in school! They are both loving soccer, and Kris is coaching both of their teams this fall! This keeps his Thursdays and Sundays very busy trying to keep the attention of 10 kindergarteners and 12 second graders, and he now has more respect for teachers doing this all the time. For Fathers Day Kris got his dad, Jim, a guided fishing trip on the lake with Kevan Paul. After having to reschedule Jim, Kris, and Calvin were finally able to go, and Calvin even had the biggest catch of the day that qualified him as a Master Angler!


Dawn... Dawn has been enjoying watching the colors of the leaves change this fall. Her Music Box rose bush has suddenly bloomed with a lot of flowers again as a final hoorah with summer is coming to a close. Allison, her last high schooler, has started her senior year! Paige is continuing her studies at Wartburg. Katie is now in the University of Iowa nursing program, and beginning clinicals and taking care of patients!


Ivy... has been trying to get outside and enjoy the last of the warm weather before it gets too chilly. This includes bundling up to paddleboard on the lake, riding the Tour de Maples ride in Osage along the river to see the changing trees, and hiking local trails. She has been finished with her licensing exams since the beginning of the summer, so she is now working on building her prospect list and making portfolio models!





  • Monday, September 7th: Our office and the stock market will be closed in observance of Labor Day



Required Minimum Distribution Return: The August 31st, 2020 extended deadline for the return of RMD's to a retirement account is quickly approaching! If you took a RMD from your account and are planning on returning it, make sure you speak with Kris!



Kris... Calvin will be having his 8th birthday at the end of the month! He and Dillon are excited for school to start this fall and to see their friends! They are also looking forward to soccer starting soon. Kris and Emiy have started getting into kayaking, and have been enjoying boating on the lake multiple times a week! Kris has also started biking more and has been enjoying going for laps around the lake. 


Dawn... has been loving this summer's weather with so many sunshiny days and blue skies this year!  She and her four daughters continue to spend priceless time with each other thanks to Covid, and recently even took on a DIY living room remodeling project together.  They're all gearing up to meet the new, and very different, academic year for her high school and college seniors. 


Ivy... has also been enjoying the outdoors this summer! She just hit 600 miles biking on the year, and has been doing lots of paddleboarding and hiking as well. In July she competed in a United Powerlifting Association meet and won first place in her class. She will soon be visiting Colorado to do some hiking in the mountains! After a delay at the testing centers due to Covid, she was finally able to sit for her insurance exams, passing both Life and Health/Accident!






  • Sunday, June 21st - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the dads, grand-dads, great and even greater grand-dads, and all of the "like-a-dad"s out there!

  • Friday, July 3rd – Our office and the stock market will be closed in observance of Independence Day on Saturday, July 4th.


2019 Roth & IRA Contributions: The extended July 15, 2020 deadline for making 2019 contributions to your IRA or Roth IRA is quickly approaching! (This is still the deadline even if you have a tax-filing extension beyond then.)  Be sure to get your 2019 contribution in well before the deadline for it to be accounted for accordingly. **While I do not provide tax advice, I can work closely with your accountant to help ensure a well-rounded plan.​


Kris... Even though some sporting events were canceled for this spring/summer, the boys are still keeping Kris and Emily busier than ever! They enjoy playing baseball and soccer in the yard, visiting any of North Iowa's parks, going to the beach, riding bikes, building dominos, chalk drawing on the driveway, and going out on the boat. 

Dawn... Dawn has been enjoying getting to spend more time with her four daughters, whose work, studies, and social activities became home-centered. She's also been able to get deeper than usual Spring cleaning done and complete small home projects that have been on the back burner due to a normally, faster paced life.

Ivy... After waiting for exam centers to repoen due to COVID-19, was finally able to sit for and pass her Series 66 exam on May 8th! She will soon be sitting for Iowa Life and Health Insurance exams as well. Outside of work, she's been able to spend a lot of time cycling and hiking in the beautiful weather!



  • Sunday, March 8th, 2:00 a.m. – Daylight Savings Time Begins! *Turn clocks ahead 1 hour before bed the night before.*

  • Friday, April 10th – Our office and the stock market will be closed in observance of Good Friday


... Kris and Emily recently took the boys to their first ever Hawkeye game in Iowa City. They were able to get courtside to meet some members of the men's basketball team, and the Hawks won! - so they really enjoyed themselves. The boys both participated in indoor soccer this winter, and even though they enjoyed it, are eager to play outside again. Kris and Emily are looking forward to their annual family vacation in Florida. 

... Dawn had a friend from Canada visit in February and attended the Color of the Wind Kite Festival in Clear Lake for the first time ever. It was a great winter day for the festivities, and they were very impressed by all of the sizes, designs, and COLORS of kites, which reminded them a lot of the Macy's Day Parade balloons on Thanksgiving.

... Ivy has been learning A LOT, and not only passed her SIE exam in January, but also passed her Series 7 exam on February 28th as well!  When not studying, she likes to attend band concerts around the country, already having gone to SIX since the start of 2020, with three more to see in upcoming weeks.


Important Dates for February 2020:

  • Monday, February 17th – Our office and the stock market will be closed in observance of Presidents' Day.

Updates on the Office:

Are you turning 65 this year? If so, and you're looking for a Medicare Supplement Plan, please give our office a call at 641-424-9899. Kris Lamont would be happy to help you and answer your questions. Our office offers Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Updates on the Team:

We are excited to welcome Ivy Pruisman to the LFG team.  Pruisman grew up in Clear Lake, IA and is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where she double majored in Financial Management and Real Estate.  She recently started the process of becoming a licensed Financial Advisor with the long-term goal of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. 

When she's not studying for her upcoming exams, Ivy will be working alongside Kris and Dawn assisting with existing LFG clients.  Once she becomes fully licensed, she will also start building her own book of business.  She has the “client first” mentality that is so important to our team and clients.  And it will be a huge benefit to have three people that can help with any issues or needs you may have.