This Month with Lamont Financial Group

Upcoming Important Dates in August and September 2018:

Kris will be out of the office: Thurs. Aug. 9th through Mon. Aug. 13th, Friday, Aug. 17th, and Thurs. Sept 6th through Mon. the 10th.

Monday, Sept. 3rd Our office and the stock market will be closed in observance of Labor Day.

Updates on the Office:

August and September are "back to school" months.  Whether your child will just be starting pre-school or stepping foot onto a college campus, contact us for questions on how you can plan for or assist with your child's higher education. Call us today at 641-424-9899!

Updates on the Team:

July was a busy month for the Lamonts, as August will continue to be!  Calvin finished his 2nd season of tee-ball.  Calvin and Dillon both "graduated" from British Soccer Camp (they actually got certificates!). They're in love with mini-golf now: Calvin made a hole-in-one and thinks he deserves a trophy.  Swimming lessons for the rest of the summer and a bit of vacation time. And then school will be right around the corner!

After a whirlwind summer, Dawn's pace is about to slow down and house about to get a whole lot emptier as Katie and Paige head off to college: Katie returning to the University of Iowa in Iowa City as a junior, and Paige beginning her journey as a freshman at Iowa Western in Council Bluffs.  Allison will begin her sophomore year at GHV, starting off with a calendar already jam-packed with volleyball activities.  All three girls were lifeguards at the Garner Aquatic Center this summer, so Dawn's a bit used to not seeing them all as much, but it's still going to be a BIG change!  Dawn's oldest daughter, Lizzie, got engaged this summer and is busy making wedding plans in between photo shoots and furthering her photography training.


Upcoming Important Dates in June and July 2018:

Kris will be out of the office the following days in June: Monday the 18th, Friday the 22nd, and Frirday the 29th.

See the source image  Tuesday, July 3rd The stock market will close at NOON to begin observing Independence Day

  Wednesday, July 4th Our office and the stock market will be closed for the holiday


Updates on the Office: